View Full Version : Aimpoint compM2 made in sweden= US government property

07-19-2010, 12:14 PM
I was interested in buying a use Aimpoint M2 model. I inspected it carefully to determine if it was a fake. It is a real Aimpoint. Seller said he used it in Iraq. It was very scratched up and you could tell it was subjected to hard use. The optics seem to be fine and were not scratched.

I called Aimpoint and was told that any Comp M2 that says made in Sweden under the serial number was made for US government and therefore US property. He straight up said it would be considered stolen property.

Not looking for problems I passed on purchase. For anyone interested it is priced at $150 and comes with a mount for a picatinney rail.

Is the Aimpoint rep correct?

07-19-2010, 2:33 PM
Yes. There was even a documented case a year or so ago (reported on ar15.com) of DOD personnel tracking down an EE buyer of a "Made in Sweden" Comp M2 and confiscating it.

Don't mess with those gov't property Aimpoints.

07-22-2010, 9:41 AM
Wow that's a serious buyer beware issue since there are so many legal aimpoints on the market. Imagine if he didn't let you know he used it in Iraq and you bought it. Bummer.

07-24-2010, 6:15 PM
I would think that there would be quite a few optics making their way into the civilian market via DRMO...

09-28-2011, 5:57 PM
Sorry about bumping such an old thread, but I am looking to bid on an Aimpoint CompM2 on Ebay and it seems like Made in Sweden is under the serial number, so does that mean it is stolen property and I should stay away from it.


Thanks in advance.

09-28-2011, 9:51 PM
Does this go for other models too?