View Full Version : How much is it worth?

07-18-2010, 11:37 PM
I have almost new Surefire W117C with MR07 rail adapter. I've been looking for Dawson rail adapter for W117C quite a while with no luck so now I'm thinking of selling them as a package. Surefire has discontinued W117c some time ago but my understanding is that this is the light that was supplied to elite military units and are still in use with the guys in the business. This light is submisible under water (not sure how deep) has momentary and contant on switch. I think I've spent close to $600 or more on the whole package shown here. The light & MR07 was monuted on my SA loaded for a short while but never been fired. How much is this package worth now? I hate to do it but can't seem to find the Dawson rail adapter for the W117C. MR07 rail is rock solid once installed and it is a very viable package but I can't seem to stand the add on rail :(
And now here's the pic.
Thanks for your help.