View Full Version : Handgun Flowchart Quibble

07-18-2010, 9:12 PM

I believe that the "yes" response of question #1 is wrong and to fix the flowchart, an additional question, "Is the barrel designed to be interchanged?" or similar, is needed.

As per PC 12001(a) quoted on the right side of the flowchart, a handgun can have a barrel over 16" if the barrel is designed to be interchanged and can be changed for a barrel less than 16".

This is especially relevant for AR pistols since the barrel is designed to be interchanged (either as part of swapping out the assembled upper receiver, or as a relatively easy to replace barrel) and people building an AR pistol may not have a pistol upper if/when they want to volreg it.

In my non-lawyer opinion, because the upper assembly is designed to be swapped out by pulling and pushing two pins, individuals building AR pistols should feel free to put their favorite 16" or longer barreled upper on their pistol lower, volreg the handgun, wait for confirmation, start buying short barrels/uppers.

Agreement? Dissent? Thoughts? Abuse?