View Full Version : Got Utah CCW today... with a disclaimer

07-17-2010, 7:48 PM
Okay after applying a while back, I finally got my Utah CCW. Oddly enough the letter that came with it said this in part:

This permit is valid contingent on a satisfactory criminal history report being received from the FBI.

Yes, they bolded it. So, do they issue the permit anyway because 99% of the people probably have no issues? Is it a way to keep the money of the other 1%? Does the FBI not always get back to them? What sort of check do they do anyway if they need this disclaimer?

Table Rock Arms
07-17-2010, 8:02 PM
It could be that the FBI is just slow as could be. I have no idea how the Utah process works, but I know that in Oregon they are required by law to get you the permit within 45 days or something like that. If Utah is similar, and they have the FBI do a background check then they would have to send it out that way because often times it takes the FBI longer than that to run prints and do a background check. In fact, I have been waiting longer than that right now to get a background check done through FBI.