View Full Version : Excellent gunsmith to recommend!

Big Jake
07-16-2010, 4:09 PM
I was referred to a gentleman who did some work on my G27. He is a friend of a friend. He is a Glock certified armorer who does execellent work at reasonable prices. He is very honest and trustworthy as he as he is also an active LEO. He will do work on any firearm, however!

He lives up in Bishop and does this on the side. He asked me if I know of anyone who needs his services as he is trying to expand his business. I told him to join CG and I also said that I would give him my recomendation for his work. If you contact him tell him you got his name from Big Jake. And no I don't get any commission for reffering him. Just spreading the word on a good resource!

The following is his website and contact information if anyone can use him...