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04-16-2006, 8:58 PM
John Snyder the Pulbic Affairs Director of the Citizens Committee To Keep And Bear Arms is endorsing H.R. 4127 which is new legislation that aims to combat identity theft.

He sure spells out a scenario that needs attention.


Identity theft imperils firearm owners as gun law expert endorses congressional initiative to protect personal information
Arlington, VA 22202 April 16 2006 “Envision a hypothetical law-abiding Bob Citizen who attempts to purchase a revolver from a local gun shop,” suggests gun law expert John Snyder.

“Imagine further,” he continues, “that when the store clerk runs the necessary criminal records check through the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), Bob Citizen learns his identity has been stolen and he cannot make the purchase.

“His name, date of birth and Social Security Numbers have been used by someone else. He is a victim of identity theft, the fastest growing crime in the United States.”

“This imaginary scenario is bad enough as it is,” says Snyder, “but let’s follow it another step or two. The criminal with a mile-long rap sheet who steals Bob Citizen’s ID uses the good name to purchase a firearm and subsequently misuses it in the commission of a bank robbery, rape or murder.”

“Bob Citizen now faces criminal charges as well as a loss of good reputation.”

Snyder points out that “this is the kind of tragedy with which any law-abiding American gun owner could be confronted. We must ensure that no criminal steals the good name of a law-abiding gun owner in order to purchase a firearm through the NCIC. We ought to support legislative proposals designed to prevent ID thieves from achieving their objectives. Gun owners can support legislation to clamp down on ID theft, to severely penalize perpetrators convicted of ID theft, or to make ID theft itself more difficult.

“One of the measures most worthy of support is the proposed Data Accountability and Trust Act (DATA), H.R. 4127, by Congressman Cliff Stearns of Florida. This measure would instruct the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to promulgate regulations that require each person engaged in interstate commerce that owns or possesses data in electronic form containing personal information to establish and implement policies and procedures regarding information security practices for the treatment and protection of personal information. It would provide for nationwide notice in the event of a security breach. Last month, the Committee on Energy and Commerce voted 41-0 to report it to the full House of Representatives.”

Snyder said, “I urge American gun owners to get behind this bill and ask their own U.S. Representative and both of their U.S. Senators to support it.”

04-18-2006, 11:26 AM
this is exactly why the burdon of proof is on the DA.

#1 prove that bob citizen robbed the bank, raped, or murdered. If bob was NEVER there at all they will be hard pressed to have any proof.
#2 prove that bob citizen purchased said gun (isn't a thumb print required?)

not that I would want to be arrested for robbing a bank 1000 miles away while I was at work, but even most LEOs are smart enough to see through something as simple as this.

This is one of the retarded cases where the morons at the top are centering on one single part of a problem instead of the PROBLEM AS A WHOLE.

Identity theft.

Calvin Frieling
04-27-2006, 9:38 PM
Mr. Snyder you are very correct in your assessment of the problem, the other problem you do not address is most law abiding Americans do not have access to great legal defense. And at the cost of hundreds of dollars per hour most are priced right out of being able to defend themselves. I do not agree though, that a new law is going to stop or control Identity Theft. The criminal does not pay attention to laws.
If someone in California goes into a clinic and uses slo5oh's medical insurance for instance to get an AIDS check performed, who is the one that has the positive for AIDS? Right slo5oh and he has the burden of proof to prove otherwise. Or if his evil one in Florida gets pulled in for drug trafficking and released on bond, never to show up for trial, who do they come looking for? Yep you got it SLO5OH. And the burden of proof is on him to prove otherwise.
That's why a man in Orlando Florida could spend 72 days in jail for a crime in Texas and the man Florida wasn't even of the same race as the one law enforcement was looking for.
Or a friend of mine in Michigan that was stopped on a traffic stop, arrested for a DUI in a county he had not been to in 15 years, he spent 28 days in jail before law enforcement realized they had the wrong guy. Do you think my friend had a job when he got out? No, and he lost his home six month later.
Law Enforcement have their hands tied, and they hear the same thing every time " That Other Dude Did It" or " You Have the Wrong Person, That's Not Me". A proud gun owner with a CCW or Add a fine Gun Collection and it will not take too long for things to get out of hand.
My Father always told me three things.
1. Watch who you associate with.
2. Fight to never let your reputation be scorned.
3. Never bring a knife to gun fight.
That is why I feel so passionate about what I do and how I help people protect themselves against Identity Theft if it happens to them. There is no prevention for Identity Theft and one is only fooling themselves if they think otherwise, the shredder isn't that big, not when so many people have your information already.
My roll is two fold, the first is educate on being preventive and proactive in nature, most people are reactive after the problem exists. I am an Independent Associate with Pre Paid Legal, the smartest thing we have found is to Continuous Monitoring, Alerting Quickly and Full Restoration by Professionals, and make access to that legal defense affordable. I am not trying to sound like an advertisement, I have had this membership for my family since the year 2000 and it is great. I am a veteran and proud gun owner, and most of all I am very proactive in protection and my big guns in that arena are Pre Paid Legal Services Inc (PPD) and Kroll Background America (KROL). But grassroot education is essential.

Thank You Gun Dean for bringing this problem to light.