View Full Version : 50" Sniper drag bag $65+ Blk SCAR panels+ Sig 226 hlstr

07-15-2010, 11:46 PM
Triton & FIber optic, best sights I've ever used. I have a spare set of rears, they Fit just about all Sigs to my knowledge!

Posting from my phone so I'm sorry for the lack of details and pics , these are new in package. Color is green.

6" black Scar panels by Tangodown x 3 $30 shipped or buy panels and sights for $55 shipped as paypal gift!

Sig 226 Paddle holster (Sig brand with button retention just like Blackhawk Serpa) Used but works perfect. $25 shipped or $20 with all the other stuff above.


Midway USA brand new 50" Sniper Drag bag $65 shipped or $60 FTF (You save a lot because their shipping isnt cheap, plus its back ordered and keeps getting pushed back more)


07-17-2010, 2:10 PM
Btt Tfo sold

07-18-2010, 12:20 PM