View Full Version : **SOLD** Boyds 10/22 Black Tacticool Stock SGV $120 **SOLD**

07-15-2010, 4:04 PM
BRAND NEW!! Just received it today (got usps tracking number to prove it!). I love the look, just dont like how it fits me. Dropped my action in it for a few minutes then pulled it out. I do not want to ship at this time. $120 ftf **SOLD**


The “TactiCool” was designed by Boyds’ to meet the requests of 10/22 owners looking for an affordable tactical design for their rifles. The beavertail forend allows for greater stabilization off bags, but is still trim enough for general purpose shooting. The dual purpose butt hook allows for greater control of the stock and firearm, with your non-trigger hand, as well as allowing for a better grip on the rear bag when shooting from the bench. The Monte Carlo comb brings the shooter’s cheek up for use with larger scopes and comes with an ambidextrous grip that allows either hand to assume a more natural position. The slight palm swell on either side provides for a more comfortable grip.

½” leather-look rubber recoil pad for non-slip shouldering
Laboratory textured finish
100% drop in fit to Boyds’ house action – nearly anyone can install
13 1/2” Length of pull
.920 barrel contour in stock
Longer Forend can be used with 18” to 24” inch barrels
2 - front and 1- rear swivel stud provided for rapid assembly & disassembly of bipod mount.
Overall length 31"


Snapped a pic with my action installed.

07-16-2010, 7:18 PM