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07-15-2010, 2:26 PM
"This gun is too big." "This gun is too small."

And to Chicago politicians, no gun is just right.

The City of Chicago released its roster of "unsafe handguns" that cannot be legally possessed in the City because they cannot be registered with the police as one part of obtaining a license to possess a gun, as required under the City's new gun laws. CLICK TO SEE THE ROSTER (http://www.calgunlaws.com/images/stories/Docs/McDonald/unsafe-roster-final.pdf)

Getting a license to possess a gun could take up to 5 months, at least initially, City Officials said. Following the lead of Washington, D.C., which enacted a strict ordinance after the Supreme Court struck down its gun ban two years ago, Chicago also requires prospective gun owners to take a class and receive firearms training.

Chicago's new regulatory regime was adopted just days after the Supreme Court's decision on June 28, 2010 in McDonald v. Chicago. That ruling confirmed that the right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental individual right. The decision caused Chicago to abandon its gun ban law, and instead adopt a litany of gun regulations.

The NRA immediately announced that it was supporting a lawsuit to challenge the new laws, and CRPA Foundation announced its pledge of amicus support for the case. CLICK TO SEE THE RELEASE (http://www.calgunlaws.com/index.php/us-agency-publications/37-us-federal-regulation/891-nra-supporting-new-lawsuit-against-chicagos-new-gun-ban-laws-crpa-foundation-pledges-amicus-support.html)

Among other extreme things, the new laws that Chicago has adopted do the following:

Limits residents to having only one working gun at a time in their homes and prohibits them from stepping outside, even onto their porches or in their garages, with a handgun.

Bans gun shops from setting up shop in the city and bars anyone convicted of a violent crime, domestic violence or two or more convictions for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs from owning a handgun.

Effectively prohibits the transfer of a firearm within the city (other provisions establish exceptions for transfer to law enforcement officers and the transfer of firearms by inheritance).

Defines "home" in such a way as to mean only the interior of a single-family dwelling (excluding such areas as attached garages or screened in porches).

Prohibits the carrying or possession of a usable handgun outside one's home (as narrowly defined in 8-20-010), including in one's business or other property, or on other private property with the owner's permission.
Prohibits the carrying or possession of a usable "long gun" outside of a person's home or fixed place of business (with an exception for lawful hunting). Thus, a person can possess a long gun at his or her business but not a handgun. 

Limits legal owners of firearms to possessing only one assembled and operable firearm within the home at a time.

Prohibits the possession of "[a]ny laser sight accessory," which (like a scope or illuminated "night sights) merely allows for more accurately placed shots under certain circumstances.

Prohibits the transfer or acquisition of a firearm within the city, except through inheritance of the firearm.

Forbid the exercise of the right to arms by adults aged 18 to 20 without the permission of a parent or legal guardian, who must in turn be eligible to possess a firearm to grant such permission.

Prohibits the legal possession of an "unsafe" handgun, a vague concept that basically means whatever the superintendent of the Department of Police says it means. Grants virtually unlimited discretion upon the superintendent of the Department of the Police to compile a list of "unsafe handguns."

States that registered firearms must only be possessed at the premises to which they are registered, unless they are being lawfully transported (in which case they must be rendered unusable and unavailable for immediate use).
Prohibits the operation of any venue (except one maintained by a governmental agency or where hunting is permitted) for the discharge of firearms within the city, including ranges and shooting galleries.

Prohibits the discharge of any firearm within the city, except for self-defense or hunting.

These are just some of the new laws!