View Full Version : which guns did you clean today???

07-13-2010, 4:52 PM
USPc .40
ruger 10/22
mp25 raven
remington 870
benelli tactical

i feel high from all the bore cleaner and powder solvent

07-13-2010, 4:56 PM
None !!! Cause its too hot and I'm too lazy and I don't feel like going to the garage ....

07-13-2010, 4:58 PM
2 6" Ruger GP100's
1 Ruger Mk2

07-13-2010, 4:59 PM
I cleaned my guns on Sunday after two days of shooting and ~120+ rounds except the PSL which took in almost 200.

Promptly after I sold my Franken-AR to my friend who wanted an AR after firing my WASR and that AR. Likes less recoil but when allowed to shoot as fast as you can he liked the WASR.

I cleaned the AR for him and showed him.

07-13-2010, 5:08 PM
None, cleaned my 10/22 Sunday, though I will probably give my Mossberg a quick wipe down before I take it shooting Saturday and I will definitly give my Mosin Nagant a cleaning before I take it shooting this weekend, its been sitting for 6 months.

07-13-2010, 5:26 PM
berretta 84bb

HUTCH 7.62
07-13-2010, 5:29 PM
Cleaning gun is for little girls.

hmm actually I got an AR-15 and a 10/22 that I need to clean but alas I'm too lazy

07-13-2010, 5:33 PM
VKT "B" M39
More tomorrow, doing a once over for everything I'm taking to the zombie shoot

07-13-2010, 7:21 PM
the FAL...

07-13-2010, 9:18 PM
Wait a minute... so I'm supposed to clean my Glock? And I thought my AR was self cleaning!

Seriously though, none. And only because I haven't shot either of them in the last week and a half, otherwise they either get cleaned the day of shooting or cleaned every other week just because I don't like my steel to get dry.

07-13-2010, 9:24 PM
I cleaned my Ruger Mark III today... deep cleaning too.

07-13-2010, 9:34 PM
Funny you should ask...

Beretta 96 (blue) with a Beretta .22 conversion kit. Shot about 200+ rounds yesterday at Targetmasters in Milpitas.
These Berettas are so easy to break down and clean!

07-13-2010, 9:46 PM
I only clean my HD weapons and my .22LR. All my range toys gets lubed and that's about it unless I'm gonna take it to something special.

HUTCH 7.62
07-13-2010, 10:01 PM
Cause of this thread I cleaned My AR-15 and my 10/22

07-13-2010, 10:04 PM

07-14-2010, 7:08 AM
Beretta 92
Ruger 10/22
Glock 26
Sig Mosquito
Escort 12ga

I hate cleaning guns =-(