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This is a US Optics SN-4 Riflescope, with mount, in excellent condition with some rub marks on the krylon paint job. Upgraded features include the JPJ1 BDC reticle, red illuminated 11 position rheostat, mount and Butler Creek covers. Selling this at $950 shipped. I’ll accept cash, money order or Paypal. Shipping will be via Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. This is also posted on other forums.

Mount: Posa Slide & Lock Mk1
Rings: Exact model unknown
Knobs: U.S. # 1 5/8 MOA Slimline
Date of Purchase: Approximately 2-3 years ago directly from US Optics

This was purchased from a friend about one year ago. I do not know what he had this mounted on nor the number of rounds. I do know that he fielded this in Iraq. After purchase, I had this mounted on a Colt 5.56 and fired about 100 rds on a static range. Glass is perfect and US Optics scopes come with a lifetime warranty and excellent customer service right here in SoCal.

Description is as follows:

At 1x, this scope has a 116ft field of view. This is wider than all the red-dot sights, including the 40mm units and scopes. The red dot sights, ACOG and Leitz Elcan, do not have diopter adjustment, therefore, one cannot see in perfect focus without eyeglasses. There is also only one focal plane to aim faster and more accurately. As of 2002, all of U.S. Optics scopes have the very finest, most rugged, adjustments on the market. Fully adjustable by travel, backlash and pressure, these are made to repeat exactly for a lifetime of use. These patented features are standard on all models regardless of type of knob.
This scope does what the red dot sights, ACOG, Leitz Elcan, Cobra and AUG sights do, and can do it better, with more versatility at the same money or less.
It has better features and more versatility than any 1-4x German, Japanese, or American scope.

The SN-4 is the world’s first non-moving center of impact, front reticle, American Made, Variable power scope. As the power is turned up to 4x or 5.7x, the dot in the circle becomes a long range precision aiming point. When turned down to 1x, the dot fades into the background of the circle. The circle becomes a large, fast aiming dot, or small circle that can give you the height or size measurement at any distance, at any power. The size of the reticle, compared to the target, stays constant at all powers. Only the field of view changes, the accuracy and the point of impact is constant. In that manner, the reticle can be used as a ranging device.This scope is also available in FIXED POWERS FROM 1x to 4x and 6x on demand as an option. (see price list).

These facts together with long eye relief and our recoil-proof technology, make this scope an ideal choice for big game safari and action competition shooting, in addition to low enforcement and military applications.

FBI records and statistics show that 95% of all SWAT team rifle shots are under 80 yards: With options for .223 or .308 cal Bullet Drop Compensators, it is probably the worlds’ best choice for SWAT and police work at half the price of European models, and with better optics--it is a great bargain..

Our Posa Slide & Lock mounting system is the strongest, most precise system we know of. It also returns to absolute zero every time, no matter how many times the scope has been removed from the rings. It is also the only ring system that we know of that uses no screws or fastening tools, and can be operated with one hand in an emergency. The 30mm Lever Locks are only $150.00 extra when purchased with the SN-4. The screw lock system is the same as the lever locks but uses two huge screws on the hinged halves to hold the scope better than top ring halves.

Over the last 7 years, we have sold thousands of SN-4’s. They are the most popular 1-4x variable in the world. Most people have wanted the 30mm model with B.D.C. knobs and circle dot reticle (Patented).The following improvements on our standard model SN-4 are included free of charge:
1. Stronger, lighter, more versatile housing with a 30 mm body (ring section turned down to 30mm) at
no extra charge.Stronger than any tube type scope on the market.
2. Lighter, stronger, more versatile knobs with steel-to steel-to steel (no backlash) adjustments.
3. Thread covers on objectives and eyepiece for accessories (Not standard on MK I)
4. Individual springs for W&E knobs.
Options at an additional cost added to the list are:
1. Covers for the windage and elevation knobs (standard on MK III only).
2. Threaded, screw-on, stackable sunshades.
3. Threaded covers for eyepiece and objective (fits MK II and III only)
4. Choice of 5 new and totally unique scope mount systems.
THE U.S. ARMY RESERVES HAVE SELECTED THE SN-4 MK III A.N. AS THE OFFICIAL TEAM MATCH SCOPE FOR ALL OFFICIAL RIFLE COMPETITIONS THROUGHOUT THE RESERVE SERVICES! U.S. Dept. of Energy, Navy Seals, Special Forces and others use the SN-4 when other scopes can’t do the job. Clearly superior to the ACOG, Alcan and others-let us prove it to you.


JPJ1 BDC Reticle

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