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07-09-2010, 2:55 PM
I have some stuff for sale:

- SUREFIRE 618FA for Remington 870 Shotgun, Brand New, never mounted. Have two, keeping the other on my 870. $219 OBO SOLD to sobe


- OAKLEY Elite SI Assault boots 6" Tan (leather, cold weather), Brand new, size US 9. In original box. $129 OBO
- OAKLEY Elite SI Assault boots 6" Tan (suede leather, warm weather), Used, plenty of sole left, size US 9. In original box. $89 OBO
- VLTOR Rifle A2 modstock Clubfoot (black), mounted once and never shot with. In original box. Trade for FDE of the same.
- Magpul PRS (black), Original Gen. 1 no buffer tube/buffer/spring, mounted once and never shot with. May have original box. $199
- Tango Down BGV-MK46 (black) Forward Vertical Grip, mounted once then removed. Missing insert panel $49 shipped
- Troy MRF-C 7" (Black), mounted and removed immediately. In original box. Trade for another 7" MRF-C or 9" MRF-M in FDE.
- Troy MRF-RX 13.5" (FDE), came mounted on TROY build upper, once arrived then replaced with Rifle length MRF-R. No original box. $220 OBO
- Troy MRF-RX 13.5" (Black), BRAND NEW still in sealed plastic. Decided to go with 12" instead. W/ Box directly from TROY Industries. $225 paid $305 then.
- Surefire Scout M600 kit 1 (black), used and touched up. No original box, missing the IR setup, so you get the LED bezel setup with button switch only. $189
- Surefire X300 weapon light (black), no box as it came this way from Larue, but like new. All the white letters sub-dued with black sharpie (easy to come off with gun cleaners). Have LaRue Tactical LT-619 QD all new Surefire parts included. $249 ($289 with rifle end cap, fits pressure switch plug)
- (2) BlackHawk CQC SERPA thigh mount for Sig Sauer P226/220R holsters and 1913 rails (Coyote), Brand New, no box (bulk purchase) $79 (have two sets identical), plus have extra (1) Double-stack mag / utility knife carrier, (1) flashlight carrier both in FDE.

- BlackHawk CQB Rigger Belt, S (up to 34" waist) Coyote Tan. Have 4 Brand New in Plastic. $29.99 shipped each. ALL SOLD 1 SPF ronwu
- BlackHawk Hellstorm S.O.L.A.G Kevlar Gloves, Brand New in original plastic. Size Small, fit up to 8.5 (I'm Medium and fits fine). Package says Olive Drab, but actual color matching with Foliage Green (perfect match to OD, or new Army/Airforce BDU). $59.99 shipped/each, have 2 pairs Left. jlb flake Both SOLD
- NightForce NXS 2.5-10x24 Zero Stop, on Larue LT-104 SPR 1.5, like new mounted once, shot 160rds then removed $1000 TRADED
- VLTOR Carbine modstock Clubfoot (black), mounted once and never shot with. In original box. $89 or Trade for FDE of the same. SOLD
- Leupold clone Mk. 4 3.5-10x40mm M3 LR/T .308 (black), really nice one clear lens Japan made, not chinese made ones coming out recently $99. SOLD / Shipped
- Aimpoint M2/M3 ML clones.[/B] $69 or 79 w/ mount
- Eotech 511 (black), w/ slightly used LAR110 QD Mount $399 or w/ GG&G QD Mount $379 + shipping. Mounted, never left the safe no even Zero-ed yet so the scope is like new. SOLD / Shipped
- BlackHawk CQC SERPA thigh mount w/ 1911 holster and 1913 rails (OD), used not abused, only visible marks are inside of holster where it touched the pistol. $59 SOLD
- Magpul UBR (Black), mounted then removed, never shot with. In original box. $299 SOLD
- Magpul UBR (FDE), Brand New, never mounted. In original box. $349 SOLD
- Magpul M93A2 (black), mounted, went to range once and put back in box. Complete with Strike Plate and Rubber Pad. $229 or trade for M93 in FDE. SOLD
- Troy MRF-MX 10" (Black), mounted and never shot with. No original box. Traded
- Troy MRF-RX 13.5" (Black), mounted and went to range twice with it. No original box. $229 SOLD / Shipped
- Tango Down SFRM-001 (Black) Surefire HL-1A mount for Picatinny rail. Have 2 @ $24 each. BOTH SOLD
- Tango Down SC-006 (Black) SCAR Panels, (3) $29 for all three or trade for exact same in FDE SOLD
- Pelican Case 1750 (Black), used once to carry my 2 AR rifles from store to my car, to toy room, then sits in the garage collecting dust. Complete with all three foams (upgraded from egg-shell top foam, so all three foams are solid). $169 + shipping, prefer FTF since it's so bulky. or trade for Pelican 1720 (black, tan, OD)
- Storm case i3100 (tan), NEW in box. $139 TRADED

- and some other stuff I have laying around I can't remember for now. Also posted on other forums so may and may not SOLD here. As with any USED items, not perfect condition and sold as-is unless advertised otherwise. Thank you for checking out my list.

eta: Actual pictures coming soon

o yeah, have this too, Classic Army FN SCAR-L in FDE never played with other than "toying" around with it in my room. In box, bought 3 brand new but I didn't purchase any batteries for it as originally wanted just for showcase and one for gift for nephew, until I received an actual SCAR 16S. Paid over $400 w/ tax from local store, Review can be found HERE (http://www.airsplat.com/Items/ERA-CA-SCAR-020.htm), actual picture HERE (http://i60.photobucket.com/albums/h18/j4k4rt4/DSC02055.jpg) $299, plus shipping.

07-09-2010, 3:10 PM