View Full Version : Hunting in SB county

07-08-2010, 7:13 PM
Gotta go get my new license, plan on doing some coyote and quail hunting, but was wondering where to go deer hunting?
I've got a climbing treestand bought back in Dec of 05, havent gotten to use it due to deployments/ lack of decent hunting areas etc. I was a hunting fool out in oklahoma, trying to get back into out here in Yucca Valley
Looking for any advice I can get, is hunting allowed around bigbear are cause there has got to be tons of deer in that area you would think.

07-08-2010, 8:12 PM
D14 is the zone around Big Bear. Get a deer tag and bear tag if you can afford it. The zone isn't loaded with "tons" of deer but if you do your homework you'll see some decent bucks. The NE slope by your neck of the woods holds some nice bucks if you can get access. Some NF and BLM land over on that side. Mission Creek is one access to check, the Nature Conservancy holds the keys but the gate has been closed for 2 years from the fire there. Check with them and see if they have it open this year. They are based out of Yucaipa. Dave is the guy's name that runs it.