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07-07-2010, 6:30 AM
They are 80% finished AR15 lowers that have been hard anodized black. The exterior is 100% complete to spec. You need to drill 2 pin holes, the trigger pin & hammer pin, Drill out the Fire control group pocket & cut the trigger slot. That take 2 to 3 hours to complete. & you have an un registered lower or Pistol lower no paper trail & 100% legal. I have a few left over from a Group buy $115 SHIPPED buy 2 for $225 Shipped & I'll through in 1 tear drop trigger gaurd black anodized "a $15 value" My machine has been ordered to stop including the selector hole in all future lowers. So when these are gone there GONE. Selector markings are not included. Buyers only need respond, remember this is not a discussion thread, Thanks

07-07-2010, 2:56 PM
Which methods of pAyment are accepted?

07-07-2010, 4:15 PM
MO.CASH,GAYPAL,GPal, Gold coins :D what ever you have I'll probably take it

Finish it
07-07-2010, 6:41 PM
who made the 80%'s?

07-07-2010, 7:09 PM
who made the 80%'s?

Second that question. Are AR lowers pretty much all the same, or is there a reasonable difference in quality depending on the manufacturer?

07-07-2010, 7:12 PM
Thanks Guys, looks like they are sold pending payment :D

Finish it
07-07-2010, 7:20 PM

07-18-2010, 3:22 PM
I was able to pick up the last few of this older style that my machine shop had in stock that include the selector hole. The price is the same $115 for 1 or $225 for 2. Thanks in advance for NOT turning this into a discussion thread. PM any questions.

07-19-2010, 2:41 PM
PM's answered

07-20-2010, 4:31 PM
Bump, as compaired to "Colfax Tactical" for $139 & these are more complete.

07-21-2010, 8:35 AM
I'll take one 80% receiver. I'll pick it up at the build party at your place. I can pay you now if you send me your mailing address, or at the BP. Thanks.


07-23-2010, 2:44 PM
Thanks Vasiliy see you at the build

07-23-2010, 4:09 PM
Will these work in the Tactical Machine jig? If so, I'll take two.

07-23-2010, 4:25 PM
Yes, they work perfectly like they were made for it!

07-25-2010, 1:34 PM

07-28-2010, 7:10 PM
Interested in one if any avail?

07-31-2010, 4:13 PM
Yes I still have a few left & PM sent

08-01-2010, 4:40 PM
PM Sent

08-01-2010, 4:52 PM
Second that question. Are AR lowers pretty much all the same, or is there a reasonable difference in quality depending on the manufacturer?
The functional part is primarily up to you, as long as the magwell isn't tight.
Cosmetically, there are some differences in 80%'s... primarily in the mold parting line cleanup. If the OPs are the same that Zmefly offered on the GB last month, these are A+ lowers. The selector hole, takedown pin holes and detent holes, and the mag release machining being 100% done really make these one of the easiest 80% lowers to complete.

My only issue was with milling out the very rear of the rear shelf up against the hoop... but I used the drill press method, and even with the 1/8" pilot holes, I could not keep my 1/2" bit from drifting and it ended up getting into the takedown detent area. Some 80% lowers, like the CNC, already have the rearmost portion of the rear shelf milled out.