View Full Version : F/S Optics And More Optics*Prices Lowered Again and New Pics Added*

07-06-2010, 7:41 PM
Now complete with ridiculously low pricing!:eek:
Next up is a Red Dot. Fully adjustable, and gives the option of red or green.$99$89$SPF


Next is a 4x32 quick-read scope. Again...fully adjustable, and in excellent condition. Never even been mounted as a matter of fact.
$65$59 $49

All of 'em are in excellent condition, with only the EOTech K.O. ever being used.
Located in N. O.C. and will ship. PP okay.

07-06-2010, 8:02 PM
I purchased this thing just last week, then promptly realized a Ka-Bar would be better for my intended use.
It is BRAND SPANKING NEW. I've just quickly wiped the Cosmo off the thing..Knife comes with box and sheath-which comes with sharpening stone, flat-head screwdriver, pistol mag pouch(removable), and wire cutter.
I'm gonna sell it C-H-E-A-P, as the wife has noticed a HUGE uptick in my recent acquirement of weapons, and I need to pitch some of it before I walk in the door one day to be greeted by the entire Louis Vuitton catalog.:eek:
Located in North O.C....Paypal okay, and will ship.

07-07-2010, 12:13 AM
Any idea of the manufacturer?

07-07-2010, 7:24 PM
Can I get some model numbers and more info on each?
maybe a better pic or 2 of the Trijicon?

07-07-2010, 9:00 PM
Can I get some model numbers and more info on each?
maybe a better pic or 2 of the Trijicon?

There's no numbers on the Trijicon Replica, but I'm happy to take more pics of it...what would you like to see in 'em?

07-07-2010, 9:05 PM
Wrong thread

07-07-2010, 9:09 PM
I'd like some type of info on all of your optics for sale so I can compare prices and look up spec's and maybe reviews.

A clear photo would do for the trij.

07-07-2010, 11:08 PM
I'll take the eotech. and maybe the red dot sight. Pm coming

07-08-2010, 2:07 PM
I'm interested in 1 or 2 of these but would like some type of info so I can read up on each of them.

Also where are you located?

07-09-2010, 9:08 AM

07-12-2010, 5:28 PM
Bump for new and improved lower pricing!

07-12-2010, 5:33 PM
You paid $500 for ACOG replica? :nopity:

07-12-2010, 5:47 PM
Not interested in answering my questions and selling these?

07-12-2010, 6:39 PM
I'll take the Trijicon ACOG Rep. if it's still available. PM on its way.

07-13-2010, 5:37 PM
Only two left!

07-13-2010, 7:50 PM
Pm inbound for the red dot sight.