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04-09-2006, 7:21 AM
Fellow voting NRA Members!

There is a California Board Member who is up for re-election. Please vote for Tom Gaines.

You've probably seen the public bio:
Nominated for re-election by Nominating Committee and by NRA members' petitions. Life member NRA (Benefactor). CRPA & TSRA (Texas) and California Police Pistol Association (CPPA), veteran law enforcement officer. Retired U.S. Border Patrol Assistant Chief/ USINS/Criminal Investigations. Endorsed by California Rifle & Pistol Association. Uncompromising supporter of individual NRA members and the right to keep and bear arms. National record holder. Lifelong hunter, gun collector and shooter. Active pistol competitor. Certified Range Safety Officer, senior member and active in local gun club and gun shows. Two-time National Police Pistol Champion. Member, 7 U.S. Border Patrol National Police Team Championships. Distinguished Pistol Shot. 2600 Bullseye, Distinguished California Semi-Auto. Appeared on local San Diego TV as a progun advocate. CPPA Sportsman of the Year and local gun club Board of Director and volunteer. Actively involved in Friends of NRA, NRA Grassroots and NRA Junior programs.

But that doesn't scratch the surface; here's what I know about my friend.

As a current board member of both NRA and CRPA (California Rifle & Pistol Assn), Tom is uniquely positioned to help guide California out of the RKBA dark ages. A federal law enforcement veteran, Tom is the eminent professional, yet he is accessible to volunteers as well as NRA officers and lawmakers. Tom is the kind of team player that every effort needs.

I know many dedicated Second Amendment supporters in the Golden State - people who are also gun-rights activists in the truest sense of the word. I recommend few for the NRA's Board of Directors. And when a guy is there already, and already doing a great job, it's a no-brainer. We need Tom.

I believe those important NRA BoD positions should be filled with people of expansive views; those with experience and professionalism sufficient to move California forward at every possible juncture. Yes, we need celebrities, lawmakers, scientists and other national figures at the helm of our association as events forge our future. But we will always need those who are not connected to Hollywood, Sacramento or D.C.; peers that feel the frustrations of the Californian gun-owner first hand. Tom is a California gun-owner, "one of us".

Please re-elect Tom Gaines.


Mike Haas
NRA Benefactor Member, volunteering as...
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http://NRAMembersCouncils.com/ - aka http://calnra.com/
President, NRA Members' Council of West Contra Costa County
ILA EVC, CA Congressional District 7
Webmaster, Fifty Caliber Institute, http://fiftycal.org/
Webmaster, Fifty Caliber Shooters' Assn., http://fcsa.org/
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04-09-2006, 10:11 AM
How would one cast their vote for Mr. Gaines? If they're mailing ballots out, assume I tossed it without ever opening the envelope. How would I procure another?

Mssr. Eleganté
04-09-2006, 12:10 PM
Your ballot for the NRA board of directors election should be inside your March issue of the NRA magazine, stapled in the center. You need to be a member for at least five consecutive years or have a life membership in order to be a voting member.

04-09-2006, 12:17 PM
+1 Good reccomendation, he's got my vote.


04-10-2006, 7:59 AM
For those undecided, here's another endorsement for Tom. I received this later yesterday in reply to my postings. Hopefully, Dr. Wheeler needs no introduction.

I would like to add my endorsement of Tom Gaines and ask voting NRA members to reelect him to the NRA Board of Directors.

Timothy Wheeler, MD

Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership (DRGO)
A Project of The Claremont Institute
PO Box 1931
Upland, California 91785-1931


04-11-2006, 12:58 AM
And some feedback from Tom...


My most sincere thanks for your support and assistance in getting out the vote for NRA Board of Directors.

I was at the Del Mar Gun Show over the weekend and was amazed at the number of NRA Life members who admitted they saw the ballot in their March issue, but just had not sent it in.

Also, Paul Payne and Ed Worley were at the Del Mar, CA show assisting the San Diego Members Council. Signed up 221 new NRA members. They also assisted the San Diego Friends group sell tickets for their April 29 Friends Dinner.

Kindest regards,

Tom Gaines