View Full Version : Vortex viper PST just Arrived with photos

06-30-2010, 5:51 PM
Well after months of waiting My Vortex Viper PST FFP 6-24-50 just arrived from Midway. Now I just need to learn how to use it.

Black Majik
06-30-2010, 5:56 PM
Thoughts? Pictures?

06-30-2010, 7:49 PM
Looking at the specs for the PST FFP 6-24x50, pretty impressive. Let us know how it shoots.

06-30-2010, 9:02 PM
More Photos
It seems to be very well made

06-30-2010, 9:50 PM
Thanks for the pics, it looks good. What do you think of the turrets and illumination?

How's the eye relief with that ADM Recon S mount? BTW it appears that the ADM might be mounted backwards (unless you meant to put the levers on the right.) You might want to level the scope too.

06-30-2010, 10:04 PM
Looks awesome. Let us know how it functions after a range trip.

07-01-2010, 2:50 AM
I have heard a lot of great things about this scope. Can you please post a review I am very curious.

07-01-2010, 10:47 AM
You might want to level the scope too.

Yeah it looks a little wonky. Get a string or a rope with a weight on the bottom and hang it up, that'll give you a good straight line to use as a reference.

edit: looks very nice too, also like how the reticle seems useful at low and high power.

07-05-2010, 10:29 AM
nice setup and nice scope. now all you have to do is post some range reports :D

07-05-2010, 2:38 PM
Just about to buy one of the Vortex Vipers myself - very curious about your thoughts once you have a change to wring 'er out.


Black Majik
07-06-2010, 8:31 AM
Great pics, this looks promising. :thumbsup:

07-06-2010, 11:12 AM
Nice choice on the mount.

07-11-2010, 12:47 AM
Let us know how it performs! Do a "box" test! :) Also, re-level your optic using a feeler gage. You can pick them up for $6 bucks at your local auto store. Its the best way to level a scope quickly. :)

07-11-2010, 6:03 AM
Nice choice on the mount.

Does it annoy you that it's on backwards? I just can't look at these pics without getting all OCD. LOL.

07-15-2010, 11:02 AM
Maybe the op is a lefty? That's how I would do it, since I am a lefty.

Does it annoy you that it's on backwards? I just can't look at these pics without getting all OCD. LOL.

07-15-2010, 11:15 AM
What is back words ? Should the quick releases be on the opposite side? I took the rifle to the Diablo Valley guns to have a trigger job done on it and also brought my scope so they can set it up.

07-15-2010, 11:24 AM
The levers on the ADM are supposed to be on the left side. To remedy this, you'd remove the scope from the mount, flip the mount 180 degrees, reinsert scope and level it, tighten rings.

It probably doesn't make a big difference anyways. But the cant of your scope will make a huge difference and needs attention, so it's a good thing you brought it to a gunsmith. I hope they notice that the mount is on backwards before they reinstall your scope.

07-15-2010, 12:21 PM
Give us more info!

How do you like the glass? What could you compare it to?

I think Im about to order my scope now. 4-16 FFP Mil

07-22-2010, 11:40 AM
The PST are looking very promising.

Mike @ CST

08-03-2010, 12:04 PM
do you mind me asking how much these are?