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04-08-2006, 5:00 PM

Which gun rights organization doe's the best work for the people of California?

I'm guessing most answeres will be either CRPA (California Rifle and Pistol Organization) or NRA (National Rifle Association). A wider appreciation would include pro-gun, pro-2nd Ammendment California politicians and activists.

I have an idea that, once we form a general concensus, and if the answer is the CRPA or NRA, those of us that want to can chip in a few bucks and offer free memberships in those organizations. My personal opinion is that people should be paying for their own memberships. However, sometimes it helps to prime the pump.

If the NRA is picked, I'm an NRA Recruiter and would be willing to pay for the memberships at the lowest rate and return the 'recruiter fee' back into the kitty to buy more memberships. However, I'm very willing to let another more Senior Calguns member whom is also an NRA Recruiter do the job.

If another organization, or person is considered our choice I would ask that we figure out a way to support that organization or person. For example, if CRPA is chosen someone that is involved with them and can provide the membership processing it would be nice if they would volunteer.

Personally, I think NRA has the clout but from my experience I've 'heard' that California has the largest number of state gun owners (oweing to our population) but it has the smallest percentage of NRA members. CRPA is homegrown but doesn't have the clout. These opinions are from my discussions with other members, recruiters and instructors.

Instead of waiting for 'the list' or 'new legislation' we should be increasing our organization of new AR owners to increase our 'little guys' clout.

This is just a thought, what is yours?


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Where is NRA recruit training at? Do you guarantee pilot spots? :P

Sorry I can't help you with a better answer.

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and ,.!., to the 10 char limit :D

glen avon
04-09-2006, 10:30 AM
GOC, GOA, NRA, CRPA, you must belong to ALL of them.