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04-07-2006, 6:57 PM
John Burtt sent out a heads up. This is long, but for those
with the .50 bmg or receivers that will allow for a 50,
you might want to take a look.

Earlier this year, FCI board member and Trutanich - Michel, LLP attorney Jason Davis was informed of a letter from the California Department of Justice ("CADOJ") in response to an individual inquiry regarding multi-caliber receivers and the .50 BMG registration requirements. The CADOJ letter was dated October 15, 2004 and was signed by CADOJ Firearms Division Field Representative David Witt. The letter stated that multi-caliber registrations would not be accepted. Click below to see the CADOJ October 15, 2004 letter.

(Pg 1) http://fiftycal.org/content/DOJletter1.jpg

(Pg 2) http://fiftycal.org/content/DOJletter2.jpg

In response to the CADOJ, multiple inquiries were received from the general public. Mr. Davis then sent an inquiry to the CADOJ requesting further clarification of the .50 BMG laws on March 2, 2006. Mr. Davis' letter included requests for clarification of the CADOJ's position on various combinations of receivers and parts, and whether each combination was required to be registered under California law. The request also inquired whether a combination that was prohibited from being registered, such as the multi-caliber receiver referenced in the Witt letter, would still be a .50 BMG rifle for the purposes of prosecution.

On April 6, 2006, Mr. Davis received the CADOJ's position on the various combinations. The official position denounces the earlier Witt letter and also identifies their position on the various combinations. This letter marks a change in policy from the Witt opinion as well as identifies, in a conflicting fashion, the responsibility of .50 BMG rifle owners and multi-caliber rifle (that accept .50 BMG uppers) owners to register their firearm. Click below to see the CADOJ April 6, 2006 letter.


This latest letter demonstrates the complicated and confusing nature of the California .50 BMG law. Mr. Davis has informed FCI that he will continue to seek clarification of the matters discussed in the letter. But to ensure that there is no potential for criminal liability; FCI recommends that any person in the State of California in possession of any .50 BMG receiver or any receiver capable of accepting a .50 BMG receiver register their receiver, regardless of whether it is "fully functional."

FCI would also like to emphasize to all 50 BMG owners in CA that the deadline for registration is rapidly approaching. Don't put off the registration process any longer. The last day to register is April 30, 2006. To obtain a registration form, visit your local firearms dealer.

Please support our efforts in California and other states to protect your rights to own the .50 caliber. You can help fund this cause by visiting our web pages (below), or by phone donations to 405-769-7851, or by mail-in donations to "FCI, PO Box 1128, Choctaw, OK, 73020."

Your support is critical.



Keith Pagel
Executive Director,
Fifty Caliber Institute
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