View Full Version : Any good, pro-CWP incumbent sheriffs need our help?

04-06-2006, 11:41 PM
Are there any good, pro-CWP (rural?) incumbent sheriffs who are facing a serious challenge by an anti-CWP candidate(s)?

If there are, supporting them might be a more effective use of ever limited time, money, and manpower (volunteering, distributing flyers, putting up lawn signs) than supporting a long-shot challenger against an entrenched urban anti-CWP incumbent sheriff. Better to work extra hours and send the money earned to the distant pro-CWP sheriff's campaign than to use those extra hours volunteering on a local campaign destined to fail.

Not naming anyone in particular because I don't have enough facts to base an opinion upon. Just seeking info on the pro-CWP county sheriffs races (and offering a little free advice).