View Full Version : "All our eggs in one basket" aka don't relay only on the police!

04-06-2006, 6:57 PM
New article today from the Associated Press.


This is a report of the conviction of two New York for killing for the mob. This is not to say all cops are like this, but is it worth giving up all ability to defend yourself.

All good investors know you need diversification in your financial strategy. Your own defence is no different. Just like your finances, it is your responsibility, and diversification is essential.

I know I am preaching to the choir here, but when people try to argue that the police will defend you, this is one more example of how flawed that point of view is.

The police are necessary and do a great job, doing a tough job. They are still human, and should never be anybodies last line of defence.


04-06-2006, 7:12 PM
Is that supposed to say don't "RELY" on the police, or are we racing with them in some sort of RELAY? :rolleyes: