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06-26-2010, 10:11 AM
Responsible 46 year old * , married father of two, looking for safe legal location for kids and I to plink ** with .22LR rifle.
Prefer location to be within an hour of Concord, CA.

Son - learning to target shoot at Chabot with CM-2 Kadet, but in need of the excitement of reactive targets to maintain interest.
Daughter - Likes Rimfire silhouette and used to enjoy plinking sessions years ago at Chabot before they were stopped.
Father - Enthusiast owning mostly .22's because the kids*** enjoy them so much.
Mother - Thinks getting us all out of the house for some quiet is a great idea.

So come on - just where is this going on?
Visits to the open range in Oroville are great fun ****, but where can this be done locally?

I can't be alone in this quest.

All the best


* 46 years old in body & mind.
** Plink - .22 swingers, dueling tree, cans, no mess!
*** well I'm a kid at heart.
**** Grandma lives in Oroville.

06-26-2010, 8:09 PM
Tin can range down at Los Altos Rod and Gun Club? Fails on the "within an hour" test, but is fairly close to that metric - but my favorite range I've been to in the Bay Area. It's pretty far from me in Livermore, but like the ability to shoot something other than paper.

06-26-2010, 11:33 PM
In Concord!

USI/Diablo Rod & Gun does silhouette's on their members range. At open shoots you can shoot steel targets and you could check with the rangemaster if you can put cans out. When I am running it we have as long as you pick them up afterwards.

I have also seen steel swingers set out on their public range but ask the range master first. Heck, I have shot mine 22LR swingers there at both 50 & 100 yard lines.

I shoot afternoons during the week sometimes. If you have any trouble, PM me and we can see what we can set up. I'll bring my kids, at least the three oldest (boy 13, girls 11 & 9) and they can all have fun.

P.S Diablo now can be joined thru the mail with membership forms on their website.

P.S.S I'm a 43 year old married father of 5

06-27-2010, 6:35 AM
Loa Altos seems to have the right idea. Shame more don't. Is Livermore setup the same way? What do they allow?

I already shoot silhouette at USI.
It's their age limit that gets me...well not "me". My Son is 7 and USI has nothing available until 8. Not even their juniors program.
I didn't know swingers were permitted in the 50 & 100. I suspect your a weekday regular and nobody "noticed" they were there.

It's funny, we shoot with RFC'ers all the time and don't know.

I was actually hoping for open ground. I guess I should have made that a little clearer.

Thanks for the info


06-27-2010, 10:13 AM
Los Altos is definitely a good range - freezing cold at times, though- I'd make it a point to check the weather first. I'll have to go check out USI Concord. I wish there was a range with steel targets like Oaktree in Santa Clarita.

Livermore Rod and Gun Club is paper targets only, and a bit heavy on the rules- my 15-year old can't shoot 9mm handgun, or centerfire rifle there, as she hasn't had "official NRA training". http://lprg.org/Facilities_2009.htm

06-27-2010, 6:40 PM
While I am a regular,but I have used them on weekends and seen others there too. In fact for a while the club was thinking of having some that you could check out for kids on the public range even at 25 yards but decided that may be to much to keep track of for the range masters.

Shooting in small groups weekdays at the members range is about as close to open ground as you can get in this area. Not everyone knows this, but during the week there are a few of us that open the members range for general shooting, just not on a regular schedule. If you see the red flag up, stop by and as long as the person running it will be there if you are a member you can join in. Some times it will just be two of us (there has to be some certified by the club as a range master and at least one other member to open the range for anything more than air guns). Some days I shoot on the public range just because I could find a second shooter to open the other range with. I like to be able to shoot both handguns and rifles without moving and of course 200 yards.

I agree, I don't like the 8 year minimum age either. As a certified instructor who works with a lot of kids, I can say that most are ready long before that and some are never ready. My son has been shooting with me sense he was 8. We shot air rifles at home sense he was 4. The last three years he has made many trips down to Coalinga with me, first building shooting benches and then running FCSA matches. While we are down there I can let him take a 22 and go shoot even when I am busy because I know he can handle himself and the gun even without me right there. It makes a father proud when other shooters come and comment on how well he does by himself on the firing line. My daughters aren't quite there yet mainly because they are not that interested.

06-27-2010, 6:48 PM
Thanks for the info. I also hold my card to open that range.

I guess I'll have to wait until the Boy gets to 8.... that is "if" he gets to 8. :)

No plinking for him.