View Full Version : Stolen Colt Pythons/Boas in San Diego!

06-22-2010, 8:38 AM
Cross-posted in General Gun discussion but I'm putting this here as well.

My dad's best friend from childhood had his matched pair, never-fired, blued Colt Boas stolen. These were only made in 1985 and of the 2000 guns made, only 100 matched sets were produced. Insurance is saying they were only worth a couple hundred each and they'll only pay out if he replaces them. Now, I'm not a wheel gun expert but IIRC, the Python is a collector's item due to being out of production and NIB, matched pair should fetch some serious money. Any help fighting insurance?

Secondly, he lives in San Diego so if you guys happen to see a NIB 4" and 6" matched pair of Colt Boas, PLEASE CALL ME.