View Full Version : Replacement Surveillance system

06-21-2010, 8:55 AM
About a year ago I needed to install a 4 chan surveillance system. Basic model, 4 IR capable cameras and a control/recording unit in the house. Now that unit has decided that it only wants to record and that is it. No playback, nothing. I can't even turn the unit off and even after sitting for a day with no power it comes up into record mode and will not exit.
I have an unused computer that I can use to control either a video capture card or one of the 4 chan USB devices. My question is what is the simplest way to get a system up and running. I need it for identification purposes. Robery was the cause. Connection to the internet to monitor the home from work is not needed.
I know I'll have to expand the hard drive size but everything else should work. Cameras and their power are are already in place and I don't want another crappy box unit. I just want to turn an unused computer into a workable solution.
Any suggestions

06-21-2010, 2:20 PM
You can try the X10 PC/Web camera software kit. I have X10 cameras, but I use a DVR w/ a 320 GB hardrive on it. It only records when motion is detected.