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04-03-2006, 12:35 PM
It seems that the search function requires search terms to have at least 3 characters. This makes searching for weapon model numbers very difficult. For example, try searching the for-sale forum for a Smith & Wesson model. First off, terms like "19" or "66" or "29" will be ignored. That leaves you searching for "smith and wesson" or for "s&w", which gets mostly wrong hits. In the firearms world, there are lots of really short terms (like 22, ar, ak, 38, Cz, and so on).

Is there a way to improve it? I understand that we want to remove common words like "to" and "a" from searches. Maybe one could allow 2-character search terms if they are not common words. Or allow 2-character search terms only if other (longer) search terms are present.

While we are at it: there is also no way to do logical expressions. I would love to search for "( ( smith and wesson ) or s&w ) and 19". This might be hard to get, might require massive upgrade of the forum software.

By the way, the above example is completely fictitious. First off, searching for "smith and wesson" doesn't give too many hits, so it is easy to sort through them. Second, I'm not in the market for a S&W revolver at this time.

04-04-2006, 7:40 AM
I'll agree. Most boards have the limit of 3. Makes it a pain if you're searching for Glock 30 specifically, especially if there is alot of Glock topics and you're not at all interested in any of the 9mm guns. REGEX would be nice, but not sure if the software supports it.