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06-20-2010, 1:29 PM
I already enjoy a really cool M4 style AR.

Looking for a second one.

May need some advice.

What are some of the best AR's available in Ca ( Bay Area) as a COMPLETE RIFLE. ( Not parts gun).

A3 style , 1/9. 16 inch barrel.

And what are good stores to look for one?

Thank You .

06-20-2010, 7:20 PM
go to the local gun shows and make sure that the sellers are from around your area, then you can look at different styles and prices.

06-20-2010, 7:32 PM
Now it is time for a KISS type AR. You might be interested in this:


I am not related nor acquainted with the OP. I am just merely suggesting since I saw it.

06-20-2010, 8:25 PM
Yeah, I had the same problem. I had a stag model 2T and I wanted another. I was eyeballing several different rifles including remington 700's in different calibers, precision 24" AR's and I eventually settled on a Stag Model 4 (standard A3 style) and I have to tell you, I am sooo glad I went with this. I can reach out effectively to 450 yards, mod it for a precision rifle if I wanted to, and I just like the original look of the M16

06-20-2010, 8:34 PM
why do you need a whole rifle, instead of another upper, which you don't have to go thru all the hassle?

06-20-2010, 9:31 PM
Since you already have an Ar I would suggest this next one be in another calibur like 6.8/6.5/.458/.450 ect.