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06-20-2010, 2:46 AM
ok its crunch time. i have the funds now. most of u know ive been torn between the two and nows the time to buy. weve got cost effective p95 and reliable and we have the expensive but beautiful and reliable g26. im not looking at the glock for ccw i just love the way it feels in the hand even without the clip extension. i like the ruger since it has a light rail to make it look cool and once again its like half the price of the glock at my local shop....i seriously need help, honest help. what would u do?

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06-20-2010, 3:00 AM
Glock, I am not a fan of the P series.

Never heard the word "beautiful" and Glock 26 in the same sentence

06-20-2010, 4:36 AM
Clips are for hair and mags are for handguns.

Get a Glock:

06-20-2010, 6:38 AM
Another vote for the G26.

06-20-2010, 6:57 AM
Get the G26. If it feels good for you to hold and you like it then definitely get it. I would pay more any day to get what I want then settle for the less expensive gun just to save a buck, then regret it when I am dreaming about the G26 still and trying to sell the other.

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G26 due to the sheer amount of aftermarket and parts support

06-20-2010, 8:45 AM
My first centerfire handgun was a Ruger P85 and I liked it just fine until I got a Colt Officers ACP and later a Glock G23. When I'd shoot them at the range together the Ruger just seemed "clunky" and I also discovered I wasn't as accurate with it as with the others. I ended up trading the P85. You didn't mention if you've ever shot either before - you might want to try renting one at a range before you buy. Since you liked the feel of the G26 - I vote Glock.

06-20-2010, 8:50 AM
I have both Ruger (But a P89) and the G16. Both of them are excellent. G26 if you ever plan on CCW...or Ruger and spend the rest on ammo for practice.
My P89 has had well over 10k round through her without a hiccup.

06-20-2010, 9:20 AM
Based off what you wrote it seems that you are already leaning towards the G26 that and the fact that's what I'd pick between the two my vote is for the G26

ROTC sniper
06-20-2010, 9:22 AM
both different triggers...Ruger SA/DA and Glock DA only. I have both (albeit the glock indifferent models). Ruger eats everything and anything no problems but much bigger pistol. Glock 26 eats it all also but is much smaller.

I vote for the Glock, but if you're stuck on the Ruger, I'll sell you mine with 4 mags. I was going to use it for 3 gun but I am much more accurate with the DA only trigger.

06-20-2010, 9:25 AM
My vote for g26....

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06-20-2010, 12:29 PM
dont get me wrong the p95 also felt great with no issues. i also like the fact of extended mags for the glock and aftermarket shinanigins.i just dont like the price for such a small gun :/. i would love to have the glock but that price is scaring me away. i could do the p95 right now easily fundwise but the g26 would make me broke.
p95- great gun, bigger, cheaper, 395$
g26- awesome pocket rocket, smaller expensive. 629$

06-20-2010, 12:59 PM
g26- awesome pocket rocket, smaller expensive. 629$

I get my Glocks through GSSF: $398.20...and I own 4 Glocks.

06-20-2010, 1:36 PM
G26. Size doesn't count. In ca you can only have 10 rds; out of ca, you can use a highcap mag...

06-20-2010, 1:38 PM
That is too expensive for both guns. the P95 should be 350 or less and the glock should be a lot cheaper as well.

I've shot both and I am much more accurate with the P95. But they are different guns for different purposes. Range only and home defense i would pick the P95.

CCW possibilities I would choose the 26, assuming that I don't like the SR9c more which I have not be able to shoot. I dry fired one at the store and the trigger seemed much nicer than the 26's but i forgot to check reset.

06-20-2010, 1:40 PM
I have the p95 and a glock 19. The glock is far more snappier than the ruger with respect to recoil, and could only imagine the g26 to be that much more aggressive. The p95 is very smooth, almost like shooting a smaller caliber

06-20-2010, 5:25 PM
Both are good, I would go to a range, rent them both and see which one you like to shoot more then get that one.

06-20-2010, 5:50 PM
this would be for very minor carrying if i ever felt like it for certain activities and mostly for shooting cheaply. im really leaning toward the p95

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06-20-2010, 6:00 PM
u guys are gonna make me go broke haha

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06-20-2010, 7:21 PM
G26!!!! glock all the way you get what you pay for. glock is hands down more reliable more parts readly available and just cooler.

06-20-2010, 7:35 PM
Eh OP, I think it's like comparing apples to, well, a chicken leg. On one hand you have the big, ugly, heavy and built like a tank Ruger, that is hammer fired and a double action/single action trigger. On the other, you have the small, (still) ugly, and light Glock that is built more like a Honda Civic, that is striker fired and double action only trigger.

You also have to consider cost. The Glock is much more expensive. If you go that route, will it leave you with money for ammunition, at least 500 rounds? What about spare magazines or other accessories?

What about carrying? You say now that you aren't interested in CCW, but I'm sure once you have a pistol, the idea of being able to carry it on your person will start to sound more attractive. In that regard the Glock is a much better option. But, it is not entirely impossible to CCW a P95. There are other ways to carry than on your hip. You could suck up the ridicule you might get and carry a man purse with you, or suck up the uncomfortable and just carry the big Ruger inside the waistband.

What about other options? Have you had the chance to fondle a Ruger SR9 or SR9 Compact? A Sigma or Smith and Wesson's new SD series?

I think you have much more research to do!

06-20-2010, 7:42 PM
Go for the G26. Place a WTB ad here in the market place. You can probably get it for 500. The members on Calguns take good care of their guns, and usually have low round counts for the stuff they sell.:)

By the way, why a G26 and not a G19? Seems like a very strange comparison P95 to G26...

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06-20-2010, 8:23 PM
if im going to get a glock i want the g26 because of its size. its the only subcompact ive felt that works. and yes i would be interested in ccw but im in la county as of now so yea. i think u guys are right tho if im gonna get one and stick with it it should be the glock. just need to save up more for ammo lol. the thing i like about the p95 is the price and my use for it would be just taking it out to shoot. anyone wanna meet and let me shoot the g26 lol

06-20-2010, 8:28 PM
Go for the G26. Place a WTB ad here in the market place. You can probably get it for 500. The members on Calguns take good care of their guns, and usually have low round counts for the stuff they sell.:)

By the way, why a G26 and not a G19? Seems like a very strange comparison P95 to G26...

You can get a brand new G26 for $500 easy. I've bought several Glocks from Glockmeister.com. They sell new glocks for $500 shipped. You may have to pay a little higher transfer fee but the price is decent. I know there are several other online companies that sell them for less than you said you could get one for.

Rugers are good quality guns but they are far from refined. I like some of them but most (especially the semi-autos) are big, heavy and blocky and are the most basic guns you can get. I would go for a G26 or even a G19 any day over a Ruger. You will like it so much better.

06-20-2010, 8:31 PM
oh and they had a used glock....37? it look like a 26 but shot 45gap...can u convert those to 9mm?

06-20-2010, 8:32 PM
G26 w/ G19 or G17 mag + A&G mag spacer :thumbsup:

06-20-2010, 8:32 PM
P95. Yea I know. Put I dig mine. Leaves $$ for ammo too.

06-20-2010, 8:38 PM
P95, I know a guy who is selling one at a GREAT price ;)