View Full Version : Replace my XD40SC with a Kahr CW40?? any one have a CW40?

06-19-2010, 6:40 PM
Recently I had to sell my XD40SC, I had only put 30 rounds through it, so I never had the chance to see if it was the best gun for my needs.

I loved every thing about it, except for it's bulk, I would like to replace it in the near future when funds are available, I hope to eventually get a CCW here in Fresno County (if that's possible) and also a Utah permit since I travel to Salt lake a few times a year.

My question is, does any one have an off list Kahr CW40? I've handled the Kahr CW series guns but have never fired them, I love how slim it is, but not sure about the lower capacity? I know of some one localy who has a CW40 , and I have first shot at it if I decide to go that route. he bought it but replaced it with a .45

My son carries the XD40SC off duty, and has carried a CW9, he prefers the XD due to it's higher capacity, but he says many of the deputies he knows carry the Kahr guns.

Any opinions on the CW40 compared to the XD40SC? or on the CW9 since it's more likely the gun folks around here will have?

06-19-2010, 7:04 PM
I had a Kahr K40 that I recently sold and it was an excellent gun. It is the same as the CW40 but has a longer grip. The gun was very accurate and I never had a single malfunction with it. I shot at least 500 rounds, probably more, through it.

The K40 is very slim and is actually smaller than a subcompact Glock with the exception of the grip length. I had it on my CCW but took it off because I personally liked a couple other guns better for that purpose. The CW40 would be an excellent CCW gun though.

I like the metal Kahrs better than the polymer ones but the only drawback is they are a little heavy because they are all steel. They have a nice smooth trigger pull but it is rather long and the trigger has to return completely forward for it to reset. I personally prefer the trigger reset on a Glock and that's one reason I didn't shoot the gun as much.

If you don't mind carrying a small gun that is a little heavy then I would highly recommend a Kahr CW40. They are very accurate, reliable and are high quality guns.