View Full Version : k98 Mauser Detachable Magazine

06-18-2010, 10:33 AM
I have a sporterized k98 in 30-06, Dont Hunt with it, Does anyone make a detachable kit? wood stock. I saw Kwickclip for m700, I also saw Numrich had a poorly reviewed for 8mm, thoughts?

06-18-2010, 1:57 PM
http://hotimg23.fotki.com/a/76_168/223_34/IM000276827-th.jpg (http://hotimg23.fotki.com/p/a/76_168/223_34/IM000276827.jpg)

You're talking about a WWI Trench mag.

They remove via a "bullet button" concept (actually was the genesis of my thought process on the device way back when a few of us here were discussing the idea).

Honestly, they're not worth the trouble. Makes rifle heavy, not really faster to reload (actually using stripper clip is faster than detaching/attaching new one).

The Numerich ones have been known to break at the weld of the body and top connector.

06-18-2010, 3:20 PM
If you do a search on Snipershide, some guy did one that would use M14/M1A mags. Was a lot of work. There is nothing mass produced that is a drop in modification.

Also on the 'Hide, CDI was looking at making one. They are waiting for a minimum number of people to commit to buying one.