View Full Version : Small welding needed in Los Angeles

06-17-2010, 6:30 AM
I have a little project I volunteered for and need to have 2 small brackets made to hold up a banner.

The banners will have sleeves and will be slid over the pipe. The pipe will then be hoisted and lowered into slotted brackets. The brackets are about 14' high and bolted onto the building.

I figure a bracket can be 3 or 4 inch angle iron with a slotted piece welded to the corner.

The angle pieces will be bolted to the building and then a 12' piece of pipe set down in the slots,

I'm in Los Angeles/Los Feliz/Hollywood and there's no hurry on this - cost is more important than timing.

Obviously these sketches are not to scale...



The pipe will be 3/4 std plumbing pie with end cap, the bracket slot will be 3/4' at the bottom and the pipe will nestle in it with the end caps preventing the pipe from sliding out. The bolts are so a pole with a "v" notch, can be used to lift the pipe into place.


06-28-2010, 10:42 PM
I might be able to do this for you. Im located in Burbank, email me at octanejunky@gmail.com and lets see if we can work something out. =MxB