View Full Version : A Newbs Range-Report of the Kimber 1911 Custom II.

06-16-2010, 10:15 PM
So today I go to my local range with one main purpose in mind. Find out what I have been missing with the 1911 platform and get better at shooting my Sig p229 40.

So after getting overcharged for range reloaded .45 ACP rounds and the free gun rental I went to my lane. My initial thoughts centered around an expected heavy recoil and no front strap checkering. I thought maybe I should have rented one with the front strap checkering for what I expected was going to be monster sized recoil. I've only ever shot .40 9mm and 38 spl hand guns.

Well it didn't take very long to realize the recoil of the .45 caliber in the 1911 Kimber is as tame as baby kitten. I would say the recoil on the 1911 was milder than all of the 9mm guns I've ever fired and maybe on par with the Huge Ruger P89.

The trigger on the Kimber is smooth as butter. I thought the Sig's stock trigger was nice, it isn't. Not compared to the Kimber at least. Very light and crisp break. Unlike any gun I've ever fired. It feels very direct like when you squeeze the round off you have the most direct connection to firing mechanism.

This all translated to all my shots hitting paper as far as I could tell. I did have some fliers on the paper but overall I thought the grouping of the shots was pretty nice. The particular Kimber I was testing seemed to have a 6 o clock hold as far as I could tell as when I aimed lower the shots ended at the correct height but I did shoot to the left probably me pulling the shots for some reason.

After shooting the Kimber 1911 it took me a little longer to get acclimated to shooting the p229 accurately. Shooting the 1911 felt like cheating it was so easy in comparison.

All in all it was very fun and the additional weight of the firearm is hardly noticeable because it is balanced so nice and the grip feels so good. Looks like I will have to be adding a Kimber to my long wish-list of guns!

Here are some pictures, keep in mind I am a newb and not the best shot in the world but I just want to add some pics with the story. Sorry they are cell phone pics.




Black Majik
06-16-2010, 10:21 PM
Nice range report. Glad to see you giving the 1911 another chance.

Regarding the recoil, .45 ACP is a relatively low pressure round, so you won't feel the snap of 9mm and .40 S&W. Adding to the low pressure round, 1911s usually weigh around 40 oz so it makes recoil very tame.

Overall it looks like you had fun. Kimber's Custom II truly offers a lot of performance for the money. :cool2:

06-16-2010, 10:21 PM
The trigger and gun will break in even better. I wouldn't clean after a few hundred rounds so that parts break in properly congrats on the fine purchase