View Full Version : Who here goes hunting with a FAL

HUTCH 7.62
06-16-2010, 9:59 PM
Wondering who here has the Anal fortitude to go deer hunting with their FAL. Did it last year in Shasta Trinity with a STG-58 been thinkibg about building a purpose built FAL hunting rifle for my wife in digital camo........er pink:puke:

PS she likes the Hello Kitty AR-15

06-16-2010, 11:01 PM
That is awesome man. You have any pics of the rifle and the deer? We need as many EBRs out there hunting as we can.

If I had a FAL, I would definitely hunt with it. So far I pretty much just hunt with my 10/22, my Marlin .22 magnum, and my new 16" .223 AR. Then I will be hunting with my 6.8 and my upcoming 7mm-08 AR. Just waiting on that damn barrel....

06-17-2010, 6:36 PM
i have a fal and plan to take it hunting this year. there are a few over on falfiles...

HUTCH 7.62
06-17-2010, 10:17 PM
No good pic's but plenty of bade looks from zumbo type hunter's