View Full Version : Schedule for June 19-20, 10

06-14-2010, 3:21 PM
Saturday: Non formatted practice, followed by work party to clean out/ organize/ scrape exterior R 103 Conex. For interested parties/time allowing an NTIT practice may be held.

Sunday: Long Range Clinic W/ MGySgt. Harry Harrison. Once again for interested parties, NTIT practice.

06-17-2010, 9:34 AM
This week-end is gearing up to be quite an exciting practice section. We

have two excellent instructors slated to assist us in getting it all


SATURDAY: Dennis Demille, CWO4/USMC/Ret. has offered to give a

class in standing off-hand firing. This will be a 30 minute class and will

cover all of the basics. Then we will have a 200 yard line practice so you

can put it altogether.Following the practice there will be a work party to

clean up and organize the conex box in the butts. All are welcome to join


SUNDAY: Harry Hairrson, MGySgt/USMCR/Ret. will be give a class

starting at the 600 yard line so that everyone can get a no wind zero at

that line. He will then move to the 300 yard line and give another class.

He has a practice plan in mind that is sure to help us all.

Your BOD hope to see you all there.