View Full Version : looking for work in private security, public safety or fugitive recovery

06-14-2010, 2:25 PM
I am looking for a position in the following fields of private security, public safety or fugitive recovery. I would be considered entry level with no hands on experience. I currently completed 36 units towards an associate of science degree in Administration of Justice with certifications in forensic science and geographical crime mapping from Rio Hondo College Police Academy, and am in the process of obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice. Obtaining a P.O.S.T. Skills development certification from Fullerton Junior College Police Academy. Educational experience translates into 2,160 P.O.S.T. Certified hours to partially qualify for a waiver for P.O.S.T. Basic course completion, I just need to have sworn LEO experience.

I am 40hr B.S.I.S. Certified guard card, chemical agent, baton, open exposed firearm permits and first aid/CPR certs. 64hr P.O.S.T. Certified PC 832 arrest and control tactics/powers to arrest and firearm training. 12hr D.O.I. Certified Fugitive Recovery Agent Training.

All permits and certifications can be furnished upon request during an interview or hiring phase.

educational training in the following areas:
Effective Written Communication for Public Service Personnel
Advanced Firearms
Criminal Procedures
Legal Aspects of Evidence
Community Relations/Multicultural Issues Within Public Service
Criminal Law I
Juvenile Law and Procedure
Principles of Investigation
Vice and Narcotics Control
Police Field Operations
Introduction to Forensic Science
Inmate Discipline in Corrections

please send me a pm with recruiting information, thank you.