View Full Version : S&W SW9 Trigger Problems

06-12-2010, 11:07 PM
My S&W SW9 seems to have a 20lb trigger pull. The factory specifications say it's only 12lbs, but the pistol is almost a pain to shoot. The excessive trigger pull pulls me off target more than the recoil, and my groupings are suffering.

I do not know the inherent accuracy of the weapon, however it's very sloppy on target and I'm convinced it's not just my shooting (I had 3 others shoot it as well, and they couldn't even get a shot on target - and one of the shooters was a former 1911 competition shooter). Halfway through the pull it feels like it will break, but then it just takes more pull after that and breaks awkwardly. I noticed 2 of the shooters got to the mid-stage flinch anticipating recoil, so that's how defined the mid-pull is.

Does anyone know of a simple fix for this horrible trigger? I was thinking of purchasing some Wolff reduced strength springs to try to temper the trigger, but I'm not entirely sure this is going to be enough. Please advise.

06-12-2010, 11:25 PM
Send it to S&W, they come with a lifetime warranty. I have one of those, all stock, and the trigger pull is not 20lbs. Not 12lbs, either, it feels to be around 5lbs.