View Full Version : Beretta AL390 vs. 391

03-28-2006, 11:19 AM
Expensive last coupla weeks....

... picked up a used very nice Ruger Red Label 26" 12GA w/SS receiver. Only takes 2-3/4" but that's fine for me for this gun.

... just bought a new Beretta AL390 for $589 (12GA/3", 28" chromed-lined vent rib, barrel, 3 chokes, synth stock, great trigger, great balance). 10 days to pick up. Very nice. I believe the AL390s may've been discontinued - the 390s have been around for awhile and it's a Beretta, so I'm not too worried about parts or function.

But what are the differences/improvements, as contrasted w/my AL390, offered on the current AL391 guns and the 3901 'American'?

Are these just largely cosmetic differences? (The 391 Urika synthetic has a real high-tech-looking synthetic stock).

Love to hear more....

Joe Register
03-28-2006, 12:01 PM
390 field models had a sharp angle on the rear of the receiver while the sporting models had a rounded receiver like beretta's newer models. The gas piston design was changed for the 391 to make it idiot proof - not that it was necessary. It also has a slimmer forend and I believe a different grip. New-new 391s have the optima chokes vs the older design mobil chokes.

I have a 390 sporting that has proven extremely reliable - it basically never jams. Some sporting shooters prefer the 390 and think it is better than the newer version but the 391 is very popular. It is the autoloader I see most often for sporting and they are also very reliable (except for people that send their guns out to be "tuned" that seems to equate to jam-o-matic in the long run). 390s with 30" barrels do not stay up for sale long.

03-30-2006, 10:25 AM
from my understanding the above is correct,the 391 is slightly redesigned gas system and new styling cues.The 391 is the softest shooting 12 ga. I have ever shot.I love mine,however I need a G35 and a Benelli for 3gun so it is for sale in the proper section.:D