View Full Version : AR-15 & M-16 7.62x25 GAS OPERATED UPPERS

06-07-2010, 9:51 AM


To order go to the order form page. Please reference the Order# below for your upper selection and include any additional items you wish to purchase ie. Mags, Drum, etc.

16-inch 7.62x25 C.A.R. Upper AR-15 Order # 16CAR-A3AR15

16-inch 7.62x25 C.A.R. Upper M-16 Order # 16CAR-A3M16

101/2-inch 7.62x25 SBR Upper AR-15 Order# 101/2 SBR-A3AR15

101/2-inch 7.62x25 SBR Upper M-16 Order# 101/2 SBR-A3M16

Standard upper price is $850.00 for M-16 upper and $800 for AR-15 upper , with mag block and one 35 round mag, custom-built bolt. and carrier

We Cannot Ship to nor accept orders larger then 10 ROUNDS per magazine from CALIFORNIA, NEW YORK CITY, WASHINGTON D.C./ MASSACHUSETS. HAWAIAN RESIDENTS MARYLAND. NEW JERSEY if ordering a upper you will receive 10 round mags

06-07-2010, 9:54 AM
Wow, now that's interesting! One hot round!