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03-23-2006, 5:49 AM
Long story short, here's what's going on:

One of my friend is moving out of the country, and he has a mossberg he's going to transfer to another friend. I found this post by BigMac in a search

Actually longuns given as "presents" the way you just sugested require no paperwork.

The 14 dollar fee is to register a handgun.

My dad and I used to regularly give or trade each other longguns.
The best part about trading guns with my dad was I knew I could still shoot the traded gun whenever I wanted to http://calguns.net/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

Since friend #1 is actually giving the shotgun to friend #2, I want to double check to make sure that this is totally legal. They're also transfering a Beretta 92fs, and that WILL be going through a FFL, so they're not trying to get away with anything illegal... it's just a little cheaper (i.e. free) if they don't need to do the transfer... + he'll get to use the shotgun this weekend and not need to wait the 10 days.

03-23-2006, 7:01 AM
Intra-family transfers of long guns, i.e. parent-child, grandparent-grandchild, transfers between spouses, transfers in settlement of a security obligation and some other limited forms of transfer do not require an FFL.

However, unless this shotgun is 50 years old or more, it needs to go through an FFL.

Unless, of course, it's being loaned, as opposed to sold, to the other party for the duration of a hunting season. Such as jackrabbit season. Which is year long.

Which sort of brings up an interesting question - if someone does loan you a shotgun or other long gun for a year-long hunting season, one could argue that it's a perpetual, but legal, loan.

Best to be safe and run the shotgun through the FFL as well.