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Damn. If I wasn't buying a house I would be all over this.

05-29-2010, 1:10 PM
you can always pull out some extra cash when you get the loan ;)

05-30-2010, 6:44 AM
If you can wait a couple of months I could get it.

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I will take it.

06-09-2010, 11:04 AM
back up for sale

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subject to inspection, of course....... : )



06-13-2010, 8:44 PM
If anyone might be interested..........I inspected this rifle earlier today.

It has quite nice wood, with some grain figure, exceptionally nice for 'standard' grade Winchester wood. The finish in not original. It has been nicely refinished at one time, and shows only very minor use marks.

The metal finish appears to be original, and generally excellent, aside from a minor bit of the inevitable 'flaking' on the trigger guard. This is characteristic of the 'DuLite' process used by Winchester, beginning in the late 1930's

According to a reference table in Herbert Houze's book, "The Winchester Model 52, Perfection in Design", the receiver for that rifle was numbered in April of 1940, making it a genuine pre-war Winchester. the high quality of the finish on the barrel, receiver, and bolt, are certainly consistent with pre-war production.

The bore, and general mechanical condition of this rifle appears generally excellent, showing the usual very minor locking lug wear typical of 22 rifles used for target shooting, in which many rounds are fired.

However, it does appear reasonably certain, from such reference sources as I am able to find, that the tapped holes in the front receiver ring, and the rear receiver bridge, are not factory work, on a pre-war standard model 52B. This work does not affect the safety or functional usability of this rifle, it is only an 'aesthetic' or 'originality' issue.

The lack of traces of Du-Lite finish in the tapped holes, the lack of factory deburring, and the tapping of the thin section of the rear receiver bridge, seemed to me to be consistent with 'amateur gunsmith' work, possibly from some time in the 1950's or '60's.

Some Winchester collectors and users feel that additional non-factory tapped holes substantially affect the value of any pre-64 Winchester, others may not......this is purely a matter of personal preference.

I will say that, in my personal opinion, the scope mounts now on this rifle are not of a quality in keeping with the quality level of a pre-war M52. The original tapped holes for Unertl mounts on the barrel are serviceable, so fitting a set of the correct Unertl mounts, and a Unertl scope, would make a very serviceable rifle of this one.

Alternatively, it would be quite feasible to fit one of the several varieties of aperture sights which were available for this rifle when it was new,, such as the Lyman, Marble-Goss, Vaver, etc., to restore this rifle to an original configuration, should one prefer.



06-14-2010, 8:52 AM
Everybody is entitled to their opinion…I think my iTrader speaks for itself

I did make a correction to my ad, changing it to the correct year.

Still for sale

06-14-2010, 10:36 AM
Asphodel's evaluation is a plus for your sale. It offers a great amount of information. Nobody knows everything about all models. I for one will not buy old Winchester rifles, but if a friend who does know them gives me an evaluation...I would be more inclined to dish out the cash.

Free bump for ya and GLWS