View Full Version : If the DOJ has an FFL...are they required to do PPTs?

03-16-2006, 8:03 PM
So, some here have said it's likely the DOJ has an FFL. Makes sense. California state law requires FFL holders to process Person to Person Transfers. So, by extrapolation it would seem the DOJ would be required to indulge a request for a PPT.

So, if anyone needs to transfer an offlist AR, AK, or other such goodies...or maybe just a plain ole' bolt action rifle...perhaps you should call the DOJ and make the request. Afterall, it's the law. And remember, multiples can be done on one DROS!

Ideally you and you buddy go in with the scariest offlist creation you can assemble. Hmmm, perhaps an AR build with a fixed 100 round drum (permanently altered to accept only 10 rounds of course)...maybe 4 rails all loaded with high tech ninja gear, and a huge bayonet. Or...you can go Soviet...maybe a nice RPK build...again, huge scary bannana 'clip' (yes I l know it's a mag, but that's what popular culture calls 'em), fixed to 10 rounds, and of course a big scary bayonet. Well, put your imagination to work.

Also, maybe while there you can ask if they're willing to sell some of the lowers they likely gathered as samples to make their list.

I'll bet they even have some rare ones.