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03-16-2006, 12:39 PM
Few weeks ago, I joined calguns.net - introduced myself here:

First, I wanted to compliment everyone who posted. I think we covered some pretty heady issues, even with significant disagreement, and did so like gentlem... no, fellow gun-owners. That's rare. I opened a topic and got great feedback. Thanks all, even those who critisize NRA, for your comments, I don't remember any that were off-the-scale. That takes effort and it's rare to see around opinionated (Who? Us?), politically-energized (read: piXXed-off) folks. Like the most recent "most uttered" phrase in California goes "There''s a lot of good energy here." (group hug... oooh, someone forgot to use Dial... :-)

Second, I pumped the Members' Councils and also want to thank the moderators and owners of this site for allowing me to do that. I appreciate that as evidence of their dedication to the Second Amendment. I've seen a recent visible uptick in http://calnra.com/volunteer/ volunteers (we're 100% volunteers and don't fundraise, other than recruiting new NRA members) - I'm sure it's at least partly some of you good folks seeking new ways to get involved. (God love you!)

Volunteers and their local Members' Councils in these areas have been informed of each other through that tool since my first post: Alameda, East Contra Costa, San Francisco (Golden Gate), Marin, Monterey Bay, Orange County, San Mateo, Silicon Valley and West Contra Costa. (Hey - that's MY MC! Looking forward to meeting you, whoever you are - pretty soon your MC too, hopefully. Meeting is tonight, actually. See you there. :-).

Complete list of MCs is here:

Whatever else is going on, our California NRA staff having a bigger "Army on the Ground" is a good thing, I think most would agree. Thanks, CalGuns.net members and staff, for working with us.

Stay tuned to the legs system http://calnra.com/legs.shtml - things may start hopping soon. Volunteer or not, everyone who is pro-gun is free to use our contact tools. (We invoice anyone else $19.95/message to post a non-pro-gun message through it. Seems to keep other agendas, especially the antis, from using our ONE-CLICK system. :-)


03-17-2006, 2:59 PM
Hi mike, shoot me an e-mail when you get a chance, thanks!