View Full Version : RKBA non-profit organization

03-16-2006, 11:49 AM
Well guys since I had good feedback on this, I'm going to make it happen if I see enough votes here. I got an estimate from my attorney who says it will take $800 - $1000 to establish the non-profit. Once established we will name directors and officers (presumably Don Kilmer, Bill, Ben, and others).

The purpose of establishing the non-profit is to give us an organization that we can handle the aquisition of funding, supplies, and logistics all tax free. We NEED to collect cash, and it will be best to do so giving the donors tax write-offs and other incentives. Perhaps we can do those little wristbands that people are wearing these days with "RKBA" on them.

Point being, we need to build up organizationally NOW for 2008. We need paid circulators, we need supplies, we need equiptment, and we need a centralized HQ. Time to get serious with logistics, and the first stop is a non-profit.

Tom Riddle
03-16-2006, 3:27 PM
I'll match any single donation up to $50.00. Yeah..... that's a challenge!:mad: