View Full Version : 7075 Billet 80% AR-15 Lowers are coming

Perry Harrington
05-20-2010, 8:41 PM
Here are a couple of pics to whet your appetite. I'm working on the first batch of 25 and intend to produce as many as demand dictates.

These are modeled after a forging, to a degree. The mag well is a combination of milling and broaching, to achieve spec dimensions. I will be offering a drilling jig that is customized to this design, the intent is to offer "kits" where you get an 80% lower and jig in every purchase. I will have more pictures when the first run is done, but I'm trying to gauge interest in these.

I've got a couple of other slick ideas, but details will have to wait until I've actually done the machining. What I can say is: "think Colin Chapman".

Price for a bare lower is going to be $200, details of the jig will be released later.


First op complete on 15 of 25:


Nearly completed pre-production prove out with etched blasted finish: