View Full Version : Need Car Body Specialist to spot weld Upper Tie Bar

05-18-2010, 7:54 PM
In Sacramento. I have the tie bar from the factory. 02 Civic LX. To make sure I am thinking of the right part, it is what the hood latch is bolted to. I need the old one removed and the new one spot welded in. Please PM me with quotes or recommendations.

If you are local and charitable, I can pay you in beer or ammo. I lost my job a week ago and have more of these lying around than funds. Thanks to everyone!


05-18-2010, 8:07 PM
Try Dreadnought78 - He's in your area - I hope you'll find some work soon -

05-19-2010, 2:32 AM
Thanks Saigon. By the way, I was manning the Cow Palace booth a long time ago when you brought enough burritos by to feed a small army. I never thanked you for that. <3

05-22-2010, 9:53 PM
You're welcome - I wish I have more time to volunteer for the events -