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05-18-2010, 4:53 PM
Cleaning out the closet selling all these parts. Please PM or email robertdennis@live.com. I
Some of the stuff i don't have pics for but I can take some The pics i had were already on photobucket. Im gonna say 5$ to ship most items. The bow Ill do 10. Anything over that Ill take care of. I will ship USPS with insurance and tracking #. . Will make better deal if purchasing more than one item.

The parts ARE for sale on other websites.

IF you say you will take it that means you are purchasing it. Tired of flakes so if you back out you will get neg rep. Too many people flaking lately with BS excuses

I do not take pay pal MO or cash only. Will take personal checks from members with over 500 posts and no neg rep.

SKS All SKS stuff sold to Briannova.

Yugo M59/66 bayonet 10$
Yugo M59/66 bayonet with spring and collar ( no screw) 20$
SKS 30 round duck bill mag KIT 20$ I dont know who made it.
SKS top cover with scope mount rail 10$
SKS combat exchange stock 20$ ( had to grind the top a little to make pulling the gun out of the stock easier)
SKS chinese stock 20$ ( needs refinishing no metal on stock) just a stripped stock)

AR 15

Lower parts kit dont remember who made it its complete 50$ SOLD
6 position collapsible stock (mil spec) never used 50$ SPF to Only10X

Savage 110 or 16

Factory Stainless steel barrel 308 caliber perfect condition 100$ SOLD
Aftermarket Remington 280 caliber barrel never fired new condition 100$ 9 i paid 230$ for this barrel. SOLD
Savage factory barrel 30-06 has some wear and a small pit in the barrel 60$.

both barrels are sport contour barrels NOT heavy bull barrels and they fit both the Savage 110 and 16 series.

Mossberg 500
pistol grip non collapsible stock. 30$ SOLD I have the non ribbed front handgrip for 15$ SOLD

Compound bow. 100$
needs limb savers counter balance. its basically the bow and a arrow holder. This is for LEFT HAND shooters. basically the bow is held in the right hand and you pull the arrow back with your left hand.

COLLAPSIBLE STOCK The AR is not for sale.
BARRELS for Savage
MOSSBERG 500 the Mossberg is not for sale
SKS stock the SKS is not for sale
Compound bow

VytamenC Tactical
05-19-2010, 2:45 PM
i will take the parts kit

05-19-2010, 2:49 PM
What is the draw weight of the bow?

Finish it
05-19-2010, 3:53 PM
good deal on the LPK!