View Full Version : ATTN: All disabled/wounded Vets and all Vets in the San Diego Area***

05-18-2010, 9:25 AM
To all my fellow vets and especially those wounded or disabled. A non-profit organization "Workshops for Warriors" will be having their grand opening on July 4th of this year in the San Diego Area. They will be teaching Vocational trades to our Men and Women of the Armed Forces that have been wounded or disabled.
Please note that the non-profit is meant first for wounded vets (free for them) but will also provide services to all vets, there will be a small fee similar to hobby shop rates. They are starting with the following basic curriculum: welding, machining and plasma cutting, and woodworking and will expand as they grow.

Please pass this on and consider helping get the word out in any way you can. I know with the networking and connections you all have we can help make a difference. Judge for yourself by looking at the web site and think of the people you could help with just a little bit of your time. Now if you can't help directly maybe you can pass the information to someone who might. An assist is as good as direct involvement, your still helping. If you know Folks that can teach, help provide curriculum or any other resource we are so well known for please lend a hand.