View Full Version : WTB: Single Shot Lower

05-18-2010, 5:41 AM
Im looking for a stripped or complete single shot lower.

05-18-2010, 2:22 PM
What type firearm? Are you looking for an ar lower semi-auto?

05-19-2010, 4:50 AM
Single shot ar lower

05-19-2010, 7:56 AM
Assuming you are looking for an AR lower (stripped or complete) for a pistol build, you don't need to qualify if with "single shot". Single shot configuration is only needed when you are doing a dealer transfer of a non-rostered complete AR pistol. Dealers are not able to sell you just the complete lower half of an AR pistol, or a stripped AR pistol lower; unless you are LEO since there is no way just the lower half or a stripped lower of an AR pistol can pass the drop test and get rostered. Instead, to get an AR lower (stripped or complete), you must PPT it from a private individual; using the PPT exemption, instead of the single shot configuration exemption to the roster.

Here's a few AR lowers which the seller claims can be PPT'ed as pistol lowers: