View Full Version : Held/shot a LWRC M6 A3 DMR

05-17-2010, 10:15 AM
Shot the first time this year and met with an acquaintance of mine. I cannot believe how light his LWRC M6 A3 DMR was. My acquaintance had the grip pod (can't recall if that is right term, the forward grip that becomes a short bipod too). had the smaller eotech sight. all else is what was stock aside from the 10/30 pmag.

it seemed hella lighter than my 16" Noveske Recce with only iron sights! Was it really that light? Anything special about how they designed this thing? It really sparked my interested as my intended rifles for any situation that's light would be my Recce with just BUIS and/or my other built OLL CMMG carbine upper with eotech.

But jeez, this thing with the LWRC setup seem so sweet and light with what I'd put on it (just eotech). And it has a 18" barrel?

(P.S. have not been up-to-speed on rifle forum for months now so didn't see anything on some quick searches. possibly wrong key words).