View Full Version : Primers, powders, bullets and more

05-15-2010, 9:21 PM
If you're available to stop by the Roseville gun show this weekend, we have limited supplies of primers and powders on sale at our booth.

CCI - Small rifle primers - $37 per 1,000
CCI - Small pistol primers - $37 per 1,000

We also have Ramshot powders on hand:

1-lbs containers - $20 each

Big Game

If you want to get primers and powders, you gotta act quick, we usually sell out at every show.
We also have with us at the show the following great deals:

5lbs bags of treated walnut media
.45 ACP moly coated bullets
.38 moly coated bullets
.44 moly coated bullets
9mm moly coated bullets
.40 S&W/10mm moly coated bullets
Press kits - Lee Precision
MTM Ammo boxes for rifle and pistol calibers
MTM Bulk ammo cans (plastic) in 2 different sizes
Pistol rests
reloading books

and more!!

We've seen lots of good deals throughout the show, come visit us at the Bullets and Brass, LLC booth and say hi.

The show is on from 9am-4pm.