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03-12-2006, 10:29 AM
Excerpt from Tony Canales' 3/10/06...
"...It has been said that NRA members have a long memory when it comes to remembering those who have libeled one of the premier civil rights organizations in the country. So it should surprise no one that NRA staff have discovered that Pat Wray has once again come out from the shadows to pander, to the hunting fraternity-at-large, the kind of extra-conjugal relations that leads to wreck and ruin. In a Denver Post article from last
January, Wray tries to convince readers that successful NRA efforts to defend the Second Amendment comes at the direct expense of hunter's interests..."

"...In Wray's worldview, the NRA's sole achievement on behalf of hunters is something related to convincing states to permit hunting on Sundays..."
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(I really like Tony's stuff :-)